Uploading Photos

Rainbow Unicorn Prints allows 4 photos (logos count as a photo) for front design and 1 photo/logo for the back design, if applicable.

  • Maximum of 5 photos.
  • Upload 4 photos for the front design. All 4 photos will display on the front design.
  • Upload 1 photo for the back design. This photo will appear on the back design, if applicable.
  •  Photos must be high quality.
  • Poor quality photos (blurry, too small, too dark, too light) will be disregarded and you will be required to submit new, high quality photos.  Photos of photos are not accepted.  Social media photos may be accepted if the quality is high.  
  • Poor quality photos will produce poor results and Rainbow Unicorn Prints is not responsible for poor results from poor quality photos.  More than likely, your order will be cancelled.